When you see or even think about a scorpion, you likely have a detestable feeling inside. This is likely due to being unfamiliar with scorpions and the fact that only a select number of them are actually dangerous; in terms of causing serious side effects. Most scorpions are actually harmless and their sting resembles that of a bee sting. You can expect some redness, pain and swelling. However, if you are allergic to their venom, you might experience more serious side effects and should contact your doctor right away.

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Where the Scorpions Go

Depending on how many scorpions are common in your neighborhood, you may not notice them when it’s daylight outside. That’s because they’ll be hiding when the sun is out and then emerge during the darker, night hours. Why is this? They are sensitive when it comes to moisture loss and the sun encourages that loss. Therefore, they seek out dark, cooler places to stay during the day time; such places might be your garden shoes or gloves, flower pots outside, woodpiles, etc. It’s important that you inspect items that you wear that typically sit outside; if a scorpion is in them you could end up getting stung.

Being aware of the presence of scorpions in your home and yard is a way to reduce any chance of an infestation. If you have mulch around the exterior of your home keep a close eye out for scorpions and if you have trees or bushes that touch the side of your home, inspect these areas regularly. Shaded spots are a great place for a scorpion to cool off until nightfall.

Scorpions don’t need a large entering to squeeze in and gain access to your personal space. We can treat for any existing scorpions while also advising you on the best prevention solution for your specific needs. Many of our customers prefer to use a regular maintenance plan where they receive a general pest treatment bi-monthly in combination with our one-time home seal pest control service. This significantly lowers the chance of pests in the future, especially inside the home.

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