One of the major ways a home owner can keep unwanted pests out is by properly securing his or her house. There are several methods of doing so, and in addition to keeping the home clean and free of open food items laying around, additional important actions are: making sure there are no water leaks around the property and the home is properly sealed all throughout.

Advantages of Home Seal Pest Control Phoenix

Sealing a home has some additional benefits like making the living quarters more energy efficient as well as preventing water and mold damage but above all it stops critters from entering, reproducing and setting up permanent camp along the human owners. Waking up to the sound of strange animals squeaking and running in the attic or turning the light on and seeing bugs scatter in the kitchen is not something that most of us particularly enjoy.

Pest Prevention

An additional step you can take prior to addressing the home itself is preventing nature from unnecessarily touching the house or basement windows: tree branches, mulch, bushes, wildly growing grass, moist soil etc. This organic matter will rot the outside of the home, and possibly create a bridge for the pests to get inside.

When conducting home seal pest control Phoenix it is very important to be thorough and get to all of the possible cracks and openings as mice, cockroaches, spiders, flying insects, silverfish, stinkbugs as well as scorpions need very small entrances due to their size. The following materials are used to keep the critters out: steel wool, caulk, foam, adhesive rubber, weatherstripping, pulley seals and insulation.

When the service is performed the owner of the home should expect the following:

– Caulking or patching of holes, gaps and cracks in the foundation, base and walls of the house
– Sealing or caulking around the doors, windows
– Recommendations on fixing or replacing screen doors, doors and windows
– Recommendations on fixing or replacing fencing around the property
– Sealing the property walls
– Replacing weather stripping around the doors and windows, and door thresholds
– Sealing around plumbing, A/C lines and boxes, cable and electrical boxes
– Sealing stove vents, washer and dryer lines and vents, exhaust vents in bathrooms and laundry        room
– Sealing under kitchen and bathroom cabinets

As you can see sealing a home can be an extensive, time consuming and detailed project. It requires knowledge of home construction and experience. It is very beneficial in the end and will prevent a slew of issues occurring in the immediate and long term future. It is one of the most basic means of protecting one’s most valuable possession. Call 602-388-1986 today to learn more about our home seal pest control services for the Phoenix, Arizona area.