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Phoenix Stinging Insect Control

Odds are pretty good that if your home is in Phoenix, you are going to have a bee, wasp or yellow jacket problem sooner or later. If you need the services of a Phoenix bee or wasp specialists, then you’ve come to the right place! Phoenix Pest & Rodent Specialists has bee removal experts who devote themselves to keeping current on the latest, most-effective bee removal methods and techniques in the business. Right now we offer both residential and commercial bee removal services.

Our stinging insect exterminators work throughout the Phoenix, Arizona area to remove all types of bees, wasps, and other stinging insects. Our staff commonly removes Africanized killer bees, honey bees, yellow jackets, wasps and hornets. We will remove the existing threat, as well as work to prevent the stinging insects from returning. Our staff will also remove any of the debris or remnants left behind by the bees, typically involving the removal of any nests and feces.

Below is a set of items to consider when attempting to eliminate a bee problem:

  1. Bees should mind their own business as long as they are not disturbed. If you find a nest or swarm of bees, just keep your distance and don’t bother them. Africanized killer bees are much more aggressive. Though they will often seem like honey bees, they should be sidestepped at all costs.
  2. Because nest removal is as important as the actual removal of the bees, be sure that any Phoenix bee removal company includes this in their quote to you.
  3. Once we come to your house we’ll be sure that it’s completely sealed off, and that there aren’t any open windows or holes in walls that the bees could enter. Protecting your loved ones and pets is our #1 priority.
  4. Don’t get scammed by in-store bee elimination products. The in-store products will simply have a temporary effect on the bees. They will also not get rid of the nest itself, which is essential. Also, in the event the product fails, spraying the bees will only enrage them further. As said before, in general, bees only attack when they feel threatened. Bee eradication is best left to specialists.
  5. Don’t ever approach a bee hive. Africanized killer bees look like honey bees, but they are much more hostile. We’ve had people get stung more than thirty times while they attempted to remove a beehive using a broom. We’re not able to stress this enough: Avoid beehives. Bee attacks can be deadly to humans.

We don’t just send out a typical pest control technician to handle your current bee removal job. We’ve got bee removal experts who are specially trained and credentialed to manage stinging insect troubles. Our Phoenix bee removal specialists take it upon themselves to keep yourself and your family safe from the threat of bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets.

Odds are, if you have seen quite a few bees around your property, then you most likely have a bee swarm or bee nest in the area. Just one nest of bees will contain a huge number of bees! We probably don’t have to tell you how unsafe a bee nest near your house is to your family members and pets.

Sometimes, bees will come to an area prior to actually setting up a nest. If you can, try to detect whether the bees already have set up a nest, or if they’re just a swarm that will move on. Try to observe the bees to ascertain if they go back to some form of nest. However, ensure you do not get too close. If it seems that the bees have taken up residence, then you’ll want to think about your bee removal or bee extermination options.

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If you think that bees have built a nest near your home or you want us to clear out a swarm that’s sticking around, give our Phoenix bee removal experts a phone call. You don’t need to worry about getting billed an inspection fee. Once you call us we’ll ask you details about your problem so that we can provide you with an estimate right over the phone. We provide flat-rates so you know exactly how much it’s going to cost. We additionally guarantee our work, so that you know it will be done properly. Call us now and we’ll demonstrate exactly why we’re the favored bee removal company in Phoenix.