When you see or even think about a scorpion, you likely have a detestable feeling inside. This is likely due to being unfamiliar with scorpions and the fact that only a select number of them are actually dangerous; in terms of causing serious side effects. Most scorpions are actually harmless and their sting resembles that… Read More

Phoenix Stinging Insect Control Odds are pretty good that if your home is in Phoenix, you are going to have a bee, wasp or yellow jacket problem sooner or later. If you need the services of a Phoenix bee or wasp specialists, then you’ve come to the right place! Phoenix Pest & Rodent Specialists has… Read More

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Don’t Let Disease-Carrying Roaches Invade Your Property Unfortunately, Phoenix cockroaches are more common than we’d like. Don’t be ashamed if you have cockroaches because it’s not always your fault. Cockroaches may still come into your home even if you regularly keep your home clean. The cleanliness of your neighbors can also determine whether you are… Read More

Expert Spider Control & Solutions for Phoenix AZ A lot of people fear or dislike Phoenix spiders. It should be noted, though, that spiders can actually be helpful because of they eat other pests. In most cases, Phoenix spiders are absolutely harmless to humans. The only two venomous spiders that actually pose a serious threat… Read More